Attention Moves to the Floor

For the next nine days all attention moves to the floor of the House and the Senate. In order to remain alive the bills must be voted out of their house of origin by March 11th.

Bob Mitchell

Several of our REALTOR® priority bills in the Consumer/Business area will be awaiting floor action. HB 1171 and SB 5288 are the bills that will continue the funding for the Washington Center for Real Estate Research. The House bill is still in the Rules Committee and the Senate bill is ready for a floor vote in the days ahead. HB 1309 which adds "floating homes" and "floating on water residences" to the definition of real estate brokerages services is eligible for a House floor vote. HB 1730, which implements a statutory process for holders of earnest money deposits to handle demands for funds in failed transactions, is in House Rules and will need to be pulled for a floor vote. SB 5156 has already passed the Senate and is scheduled for a House hearing. This bill would add four items to the checklist in section 4 of the seller disclosure form dealing with residential elevators, wheel chair lifts and other personal conveyance equipment. We're hopeful all these important Consumer/Business bills will remain alive for the 2015 session."

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