House of Origin Cutoff Deadline

This Wednesday, March 11, is the house of origin cutoff deadline. This means that all bills must be passed out of their house of origin by this date- House bills out of the House, and Senate bills out of the Senate - to remain alive.

Bill Clarke

The exception to this rule are bills that may be designated necessary to implement the state's budget.  Both the House and Senate have recently moved many bills out of their Rules Committees, so that bills are eligible for floor action.  The chambers will be working throughout the day, and often into the evening, to move bills off the floor and to the other chamber by this Wednesday.  Priorities for REALTORS® that need to move this week include HB 1171, which extends the fee supporting the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at the University of Washington, and HB 1730, which clarifies procedures for resolving earnest money disputes.  In addition, many other bills relating to the Growth Management Act, land use, water rights, and other topics could be voted on this week - or they will be dead for the 2015 Session.

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