This week marks the halfway point...

This week marks the halfway point for policy bill review. House and Senate committees are working quickly to hear and move bills out of committee prior to the House releasing its budget next week.

Jeanette McKague Correspondent

HB 1309 regarding the sale of floating homes by Brokers will have a hearing in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on March 20th. The REALTOR® priority bills continue moving including SB 5288, Senate version of Washington Center for Real Estate Research at the University of Washington which had a hearing and executive action last week and this week HB 1730, addressing the handling of earnest money, is scheduled for a public hearing on March 19th in the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee. Many water bills and transportation reform bills are also being heard this week. Finally, the transportation revenue package is scheduled for hearing on March 26th in the House Transportation Committee.
If you would like to see more bills WR is tracking please visit our bill tracking list by clicking here.  

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