So far, so good...

So far, the 2015 session has been a good session for REALTORS® and their clients.

Nathan Gorton

While we still need to wait to see what special session, which begins on April 29th, brings to the forefront, we feel good about what we have been able to accomplish. We worked on several consumer bills this year including making the process for disputed earnest money a simpler process, and allowing owners of floating homes to list their property with a REALTOR®. We also fought to make sure that you and your clients aren't harmed by proposed enormous increases in taxes on your commissions, and a brand new property tax on second homes and investment properties. It is still too early to see where we are on that, but sitting here today REALTORS® are positioned to have a great session for home owners, those wishing to become home owners and the professionals who help get them there.


If you would like to see more bills WR is tracking please visit our bill tracking list by clicking here

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