A long session, but a positive one.

The 2015 Legislative Session, despite being the longest session on record, was a very positive session for REALTORS.

Nathan Gorton

We were able to defend against a 20% increase on the B&O tax that REALTORS® pay, and beat back a 7% tax on the profit of second homes and investment properties as well. We managed to get the Washington Center for Real Estate Research funded for another 10 years, made it legal for REALTORS® to market “floating homes”, passed a better system for disputed earnest money, got rid of “patent trolls” in Washington State and avoided a point of sale inspection on all homes with elevators, dumbwaiters, or other sorts of lifts.  Additionally, the transportation package that we supported has passed, and it will bring jobs and much needed infrastructure to our State.  All in all, it was a great session for REALTORS®.

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