REALTORS®, Your Hometown Advocates

Who represents you in Olympia during each Legislative Session, keeping a watch on issues that affect your home or property? Who helps legislators understand how a bill passed on “the Hill” affects home and property owners in Ephrata, Ellensburg, Lacey or any other community in our state?

It is important that you know that nearly 400 Realtors from many communities across Washington were at the state Capitol during their annual “Legislative Day” this past week, visiting with their local legislators and weighing in on the issues that impact our communities—right down to the streets where you live.

Home is More Than a Street Address
“Location, location, location” is said to be one of the most important property characteristics that determine its value. But location is much more than a street address to Realtors and their clients.

Location is the community—all that surrounds, embraces and enhances your neighborhood. It is the sidewalks we stroll on in the evening and the schools that welcome our children. It is the parks and trails where we relax and our Main Street stores where we shop or work.

It has been said that “All politics is local” and, if you talk to legislators in Olympia, they would certainly agree. These lawmakers represent their constituents and they want to hear from the folks back home on how the decisions they make in Olympia affect them.

You most likely know the Realtors in your hometown. You see them everywhere. Not only do they advise clients who are buying or selling a home, they volunteer in community organizations, serve on non-profit boards, host fundraisers for those in need and may even be local elected officials. Perhaps they are your neighbors or a member of your family.

Because of what they do, Realtors have a great read on local community issues and are committed to being at the table when decisions are made that impact the quality of life where we live. It is what Realtors truly care about as your Hometown Advocates.

Year-Round Advocacy
The Washington REALTORS® Association keeps a steady watch on the hundreds of bills that are introduced each Legislative Session that could impact your hometown. We maintain a constant presence on “the Hill” and often, our members arrive at the Capitol throughout the session to testify about how proposed legislation will affect our neighbors back home.

As your Hometown Advocates, we work tirelessly all year at the local level too, weighing in on measures proposed by county and city government like zoning and land use issues that affect a home or private property. We understand the value of a thriving economy, great schools, good roads, lovely parks and safe neighborhoods.  

Realtors* gladly take on the role of Hometown Advocates. We are a powerful force, more than 19,000 strong in Washington state, advocating for issues that defend our industry, our homes and our property. It is a top priority for us as we work hard to protect the quality of life in the places we all call home. 

Note: Not all real estate practitioners are REALTORS®; look for the REALTOR® logo when choosing your broker. It indicates they belong to the National Association of REALTORS® and pledge to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.

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