WR Wins AM&P EXCEL Award

Washington REALTORS® won an Bronze EXCEL Award at the AM&P EXCEL Awards Gala in Washington DC.

Association Media & Publishing held it's annual EXCEL Awards Gala ceremony on June 25th at the National Housing Center in Washington, DC, where Washington REALTORS® won an Bronze EXCEL Award in the category of Mobile Application (Magazine). 

EXCEL Award winners are chosen for "taking bold chances in editorial, design, advertising and marketing, online publishing and electronic newsletter categories" and reviews over 800 submissions. 

Washington REALTORS® partners with Walsworth Publishing and provides a native iOS/Android app (titled Washington REALTORS® in the app store). WR uses this app to provide members with RE Magazine content digitally each quarter, including popular articles by the Legal Hotline, real estate education, statistics, resources, industry news, and more.