Spring Business Conference Update

Important update regarding the cancellation of the Spring Business Conference.


Many of you have been asking whether the WR Spring Business Conference would be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We had to consider and balance many factors before making such an unprecedented and difficult decision. However, we now have received word that Skamania Lodge will be closing operations for 60 days, and therefore, I am formally announcing that the Spring Business Conference will not take place in a live format.  Our hearts go out to the workers at Skamania Lodge who will be directly affected by the closure of the Lodge, as well as to the owners and indeed, all of the hundreds of thousands of fellow Washingtonians who have seen their lives and livelihoods disrupted or turned upside down as a result of the current crisis.

As I said, the Conference will not take place in a “live format” but we are hoping to conduct much of our business remotely through various platforms. For example, we hope to hold virtual meetings of our Core Committees and other groups during the last week of April or first week of May. We already have been exploring options for various meeting platforms and will let you know when we make final decisions in that regard.

Skamania Lodge has told us they will be refunding in full WR’s deposit for the facility, and any deposits from attendees for sleeping rooms.

As for the Board of Directors meeting, we are consulting legal counsel to determine what options we have pursuant to our bylaws.  When we get that advice, we’ll be better able to make good decisions. That advice will include determining who has the authority to cancel or postpone a BOD meeting, or to declare that the meeting will be held remotely, if those are options we want to consider.

We also are seeking advice to clarify our options regarding the elections that are scheduled to take place at the April 25 BOD meeting.  We will seek input from the Nominations Committee, too.

Things are happening very quickly and I recognize this message may not answer all your questions.  Please feel free to send your questions or comments to me or Steve Francks and we’ll try to respond as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Thanks to all of you for your understanding and patience as we work our way through all the many challenges raised by the COVID-19 outbreak. I am so proud of my fellow Realtors all over the state, and our Realtor staff at our state and local associations. We truly are showing why the familiar phrase “Realtor Family” has real meaning.

Kitty Wallace, President

Steve  Francks, CEO


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