Posters can be a very effective way to keep safety procedures fresh in the mind of everyone in your office. The following 12 safety posters are produced by the Washington State Real Estate Safety Council. Please post one poster per month in your employee break room area to remind them how important safety precautions are. These posters are designed as support for monthly safety meetings with your entire office. The posters are in a .pdf format and can be printed by any post script printer or local print shop. They measure 11" x 17" and are best printed on heavy glossy stock. DOWNLOAD ALL 12 POSTERS HERE or download individual posters below...

Let Them Lead the Way Poster
Open House Safety Poster
Personal Marketing Safety Poster
Tell Someone Safety Poster
Fight or Flight Poster
Have a Distress Code Poster
Have a Cell Phone Poster
Know Who You're Dealing With Poster
Be a Buddy Poster
Car Safety Poster
Danger is Not Always Easy Poster
Dress for Safety Poster