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  • Residential Property Management Announcement


    Washington REALTORS® has received confirmation from the Governor’s Office that property management services for single and multi-family residential buildings (including apartment buildings) are within the scope of Governor Inslee’s March 28 residential Real Estate services memo.



    It is clear that some brokers are misinterpreting the Governor’s March 28 Memorandum. Brokers cannot conduct “business as usual”...

  • The Use Of Big Data And AI In Brokerage


    If we are to learn from the experience of major league sports, first, we have to develop the information systems to find out what it tells us about where to invest our time and efforts.

  • Habits And Your Tribe


    "People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures." This profound quote from F.M. Alexander is a directive for managers to stop trying to manage production and start managing activities (habits).

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