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  • Call for Action #TaxReform


    Do no harm to home ownership!

  • Washington state median house prices at record level of $337,700


    Washington state’s housing market showed the continuing effects of high demand in the second quarter of 2017, according to the Washington Center for Real Estate Research.

  • Legislative Successes


    Coming into the 2017 Legislative Session we knew two things. First, because of a Supreme Court order, the Legislature was going to have to spend significantly more money on K-12 education. Second, we knew that real estate and REALTORS® were in the cross hairs on where that revenue would come from. With a final budget vote taken on June 30th we can now tell you who the winners this session were - schools in our communities and also small businesses like yours.

Latest Articles

  • The FOCUS on Real Estate


    Washington REALTORS® brought together a group of renowned real estate economists to discuss the potential impacts of the new presidential administration on the industry—both on a national basis, and for the state of Washington. Directed by designated brokers from across the state and moderated by Steve Murray of Real Trends, the assembly revealed interesting insights and opinions into what we can expect for the next 1-2 years.

  • Property Management Q & A - Summer 2017


    One of our property managers recently sent out a text message to tenants stating that she was going on three weeks’ vacation and not to contact her during that period. Unfortunately, she didn’t provide any backup instructions as to who to contact in her absence. A tenant ignored those instructions and directed a notice of intent to vacate to the manager while she was on vacation, but no one knew about it. Our client (the property owner) is angry at us, as they now have an unplanned vacancy. So, where do we stand with the tenant and with our client?

  • Consult the Coach - Summer 2017


    Dear Coach: I have been a real estate broker for over 30 years. I am ready to start winding down my business so I don’t have to deal with this crazy market. The constant, multiple offers required when working with buyers is wearing on me. Thankfully, I have a fairly steady stream of referrals from past clients. It would be an even steadier stream if I called them once in a while. Suggestions?

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