What is the Champion's Club?

By becoming both a Major Investor AND a Champions Club Member, you will influence legislation in line with Washington REALTOR® priorities. Give directly to a candidate without an additional investment! Two REALTOR® Champions below are suggested by the RPAC Trustees. Plus, receive a special pin when you pledge! Here's the RPAC Breakdown: Major Investment of $1000 = $600 to RPAC + $400 to the REALTOR® Champion's Candidates selected at the WR Spring Business Conference.

REALTOR® Champions Club


REALTOR® Champion

Senator Annette Cleveland (D-49th)

REALTOR® Champion

Representative Sam Low (R-39th)


Ron Almberg  Tri City

Bob Anderson  Northeast Washington

Dawn Baker  Tacoma Pierce County

Elizabeth Beatty  Northeast Washington

Ryan Beckett  Yakima

Kathy Berndtson  Kitsap County

Marsha Bhatt  Thurston County

Deborah Blom  Clark County

John Blom  Clark County

Travis Boyd  Whatcom County

JoEll Byrnes  Whatcom County

Eddie Chang  Seattle King County

Tracie Choate  Thurston County

Dale Chumbley  Clark County

Katie Copeland  Tri City

Mindy Courson  Northeast Washington 

Cheri Daniels  Yakima

Becky Elde  North Puget Sound

James Fisher  Tacoma Pierce County

Christine Forrey  Thurston County

Amanda Frank  Yakima

Glenn Franko  Port Angeles

Irene Garcia  Kitsap County

Brandy Garner  Yakima

Jennifer Gilbert-Smith  Seattle King County

Marguerite Glover  Sequim

Kevin Gordham  Thurston County

Nathan Gorton  Washington REALTORS

Miriam Grant  Walla Walla

Krista Gross  Whitman County

Phil Harlan  Thurston County

Alisha Harrison  Kitsap County

JoAnna Harrison  North Central Washington

Matt Heuer  Tri City

Deidre Hicks  Seattle King County

Patti Hill  Seattle King County

Russ Hokanson  Seattle King County

Tom Hormel  Spokane

Mary Hull-Drury  Washington REALTORS

Rich Jacobson  Kitsap County

Christina Janis  Thurston County

Jasmyn Jefferson  Tacoma Pierce County

JoAnn Johnston  Clark County

Mark Kitabayashi  Thurston County

Karene Loman  Spokane

Jenah Mahan-Williams  Tacoma Pierce County

Mary Marr  Spokane

Renata Mason  Whatcom County

Keri McCombs  Spokane

Pat McGuire  Kitsap County

Lee McIntyre  Spokane

Sandy McKenzie  Tacoma Pierce County

Liberty McLean  Yakima

Amber Menke  Northeast Washington

Gina Mosey  Spokane

Angie Mykel  Seattle King County

James Neilon  North Puget Sound

Cheryl O'Brien  Tacoma Pierce County

Sam Pace  Seattle King County

Kathi Phillips  North Puget Sound

Joe Pitzer  Whitman County

Melissa Purvines  Washington REALTORS

Colette Rarden  Seattle King County

Hailey Rarden  Seattle King County

Morgan Reay  Tacoma Pierce County

Bill Riley  Tacoma Pierce County

Alex Robertson  Washington REALTORS

MaryKay Robinson  Whatcom County

Scott Rogers  Jefferson County

Jana Ross  Tacoma Pierce County

DiAnn Sager  North Puget Sound

Britney Shafer  Tacoma Pierce County

Matt Side  Spokane

Craig Soehren  Washington State Commercial

Amber Soria  North Puget Sound

Leslye Stewart  Tacoma Pierce County

Mike Stewart  Tacoma Pierce County

Tia Still  Seattle King County

Allison Trimble  Whatcom County

Sol Villarreal  Seattle King County

Craig Walker  Seattle King County

Kitty Wallace  Seattle King County

Michael Wallin  Lower Columbia

Stacie Weedon  Washington REALTORS

Linda Wood  Kitsap County

Ron Wortham  North Puget Sound

Gary Wright  Whitman County