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Real Estate Commission Position Vacancy

The Governor’s Office is seeking applicants to serve a six (6)-year term as a member of the Washington Real Estate Commission. The current commission appointment will be an at-large post, position #3.

Mission statement: To uphold, protect, and promote the public interest, which embraces both the interests of regulated licensees and entities and the interests of consumers, by the fair and impartial development and administration of the licensing laws and regulations.

Requirements: Minimum of two members from eastern Washington; two members from western Washington; with five years’ experience in selling, operating or managing real estate in this state, or three years in investigative work of a similar nature.

The real estate commission is composed of seven members:

  • two (2) members from Eastern Washington
  • two (2) members from Western Washington
  • two (2) members at-large
  • one (1) ex-officio chair

The commission meets December, March, June, and September at varying locations in Washington. Meetings are typically two to four hours long.

Members are expected to attend and to remain engaged during quarterly meetings. They're expected to offer their expertise and collaborate with their peers in a transparent manner. Members are compensated at a rate of $50 per day and are reimbursed for expenses at the government rate. During their terms, all members may expect to participate in committee work outside of the quarterly meetings. Committees may convene both telephonically and in person at varying locations in Washington.

If you're interested in this appointment, please apply to serve* via the Governor’s website. *Applicants are recommended to take a screen shot of submissions for your records.


Eligible REALTOR® member candidates wishing to obtain endorsement from Washington REALTORS® must email a copy of your submitted application materials, with the subject line DOL endorsement, by COB 6/30/2023 to Mary Hull-Drury,

The Nominations Committee will conduct interviews via ZOOM and staff will arrange scheduling your interview.